Muscatatuck Urban Training Center – Muscatatuck, Indiana

Lake Effect Engineering worked as a subconsultant to be a part of the development of Muscatatuck Urban Training Center. The design included miles of fiber optic lines run throughout the campus, tying each of the buildings together, that were used for realtime training with automated triggers in each building. These buildings were then all tied to one main control center on the campus. The environment was staged so that it was realistic to other parts of the world.
(MUTC) offers users a globally unique, urban and rural, multi-domain operating environment that is recognized as the Department of Defense’s (DOD’s) largest urban training facility serving those who work to defend the homeland and win the peace.

Muscatatuck is a real city that includes a built physical infrastructure, a well-integrated cyber-physical environment, an electromagnetic effects system and human elements. Muscatatuck offers realistic, flexible and affordable training and testing scenarios. The site supports customized live/virtual/constructive (LVC) training, developmental testing and evaluation.

The state of Indiana owns Muscatatuck and leases it to the U.S. Army. The National Guard manages the property as the premier advanced urban training facility used by military; local, state and national agencies; civilians and international partners.

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